40 forbidden questions: Borgy Manotoc

28 03 2007

The latest celebrity to be put into the hot seat didn’t turn up for today’s episode so they decided to re-air is one of the show’s most controversial episodes, if not, the only controversial episode in terms of public buzzing Vina Morales created. As you may already know by now, Vina Morales denied Borgy’s unexpected revelation and insistently asked for a public apology which Borgy never did. A few weeks after, tabloids reported an incident in Greenbelt where the two met in a blistering scene. Rumors have it that Borgy received a slap from Vina and that he gave her personally his apologies. If there is truth to Borgy’s revelation, we will never know. Anyway, it’s not as if Vina has a good reputation after all. Read along and enjoy the transcript of Borgy’s.

(originally aired November 2006)

Worst thing done to a fan?
– Licked ear of his fan’s grandma (Did I phrased it correctly?)

Cheated on a GF?
– Never

Man crush?
– John Hall

How far have he gone to check if his GF was cheating?
– Logged on her email to check if she was cheating

How old were you when you lost your virginity?
– 14 when he lost virginity with a 16 year old girl

Will vote off John Joe of it’s a guy thing

Which male model has the worst Zoolander model look?
– Brent Javier, Polo Ravales

Bitchiest female model?
– Geneva Cruz

Most vain?
– Tim Yap

Worst billboard in EDSA?
– Bench with the disco balls

Tried too hook up with but failed desperately?
– Ina Raymundo; Nadja of MTV; Angel Aquino

How many 1-night stands?
– 7 or 8

Which model is an intellectual lightweight?
– Luke Jickain

Who’s the worst dressed celebrity?
– Gwen Garci

Have you had a threesome?
– Yes, only once with two girls

How long is the wang?
– 7 inches

When was the last time you pleasure yourself?
– Yesterday morning

If you and Jay-R (the singer) get into a fist fight who’ll win?
– Me

Is true you tried to get Jay-R (the singer) deported?
– No

Line “dude we all know you’re gay so just admit it”?
– Sam Milby

Who needs to admit they had plastic surgery?
– Pops Fernandez

Worst celebrity politician?
– Cesar Montano (he has no chance of winning)

What’s studio 23’s worst show?
– Men’s Room

What’s the most you’ve been offered by a gay or dol?
– Car and condo unit

Can’t stand working with?
– Bubbles Paraiso

Most plastic?
– KC Montero

Local designer you like least?
– Designer of Victor Jeans

Poorly run city by a politician?
– Manila

Bad encounter with a politician?
– Erap

Craziest place he had sex?
– In a photo studio in between dresses

Net worth?
– 100million

Better in bed, Sarah Meier (ex-gf) or Ornusa Cadness?
– Ornusa

Have you slept with anyone famous?
– Lana Asanin, Victoria London, Vina Morales (said it like he’s ashamed to admit it)

Please I can’t believe you’re a model?
– Robbie Manaquil

How many times have gone out without any underpants?
– Occasionally

– Organic only nothing processed

POSTSCRIPT: Borgy had successfully gone through the 40 forbidden questions (actually 36 questions plus 4 extra points for naming more than one person in some of the questions thrown at him).




3 responses

10 03 2011

He’s so bad. 100% BAD!!!!!!

23 03 2012
Peter Mirabel

cool..love borgy!

4 08 2015

Cool.. Php100 Mil .. so how much of it came from the coffers of the govt?

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